04 November 2007

Journal Challenge

When I joined the Quilt Art mailing list, one of the promises that I made to myself was that I would jump on any challenges that crossed my path. Public commitments, such as joining a challenge, work well as motivation for me.

So, when cat in tassie posted about her journal quilt challenge, I decided to jump and play along. I have been thinking about journal quilting for a long time, but have never committed to action. Now I do so.

I, Kimberly, being of sound mind and body, do hereby commit forthwith to participate in a monthly journal quilt challenge. Henceforth, each month I shall choose a topic and then create a journal quilt for that topic. The only restriction that shall be that the quilt be no larger than 10" x 13" (how's that for an arbitrary size pulled out of my arse?) and that I must consider it finished by 11:59 PM on the last day of each successive month. And by finished, I mean complete, NOT perfect. Any technique is allowed and new techniques are hereby encouraged.
Signed, Kimberly

Commitment publicly signed and sealed. Yay me!

My first task tomorrow will be to come up with a list of topics. Since a year is 12 months, that means 12 topics. However, to really challenge myself, I will come up with 20 topics: 12 that I really want to create and 8 that are offbeat challenges.

Tomorrow, after Pilates, I will create my list. I guess, in a way, that is a second public commitment.

Hey, two posts in one day! This blogging thing is a lark. (Says the woman with two abandoned blogs lying dormant in cyberspace.)

1 comment:

cat in tassie said...

okay, at least one person has witnessed your commitment to this project so now you can't back out of it LOL. I hope you'll post about your chosen subject tomorrow. Have fun!