23 May 2011

We All Have an Artist Within

Over the weekend I began reading The Artist Within by Whitney Ferre. It spoke to me on a fundamental level because I believe that humans are, at the core, creative beings. To me, life is a series of creative acts: from how we decorate our home, to how we choose to dress, feed and nurture ourselves and our families, and celebrate and share with others. Certainly, in our society, art and music and dance and other pursuits are perceived as being the pinnacle of creative expression. But humans are creative in so many ways beyond that.
Before there was a monetary system or a written language, there was art. As humans, we have been creating art longer than almost any activity. Each of us has an innate desire and ability to express ourselves visually. It was not long ago that every piece of food on our plates, the chair we sat in, the clothes on our backs all came from our own hands. These days, we needn't create anything... Our confidence in our ability to create change has been sabotaged by the luxuries of modern living. Your artist within is an ancient voice that will help you create the change you desire.
-Whitney Ferre, The Artist Within
Occasionally, someone will say to me "I can't do that. I'm not creative." It hurts me to hear someone say those words because I feel it's an act of closure--putting creative expression behind a door that will never be opened. I can't imagine how much it must hurt the person who says it.

If you are one who says to yourself "I can't do that. I'm not creative," I ask if you would be willing to try a little experiment. Catch yourself thinking that and then gently replace those thoughts with these: "I might be able to do that. I am creative." You might feel a little self-conscious and uncomfortable accepting the label of creativity, but give it a try. A simple change may lead to bigger things and then who knows where it'll take you.

(The Improvised Life
is one of my favorite blogs because it celebrates the expression of improvise creativity in everyday life.)

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