17 March 2009

February Ice in March

I started this quilt in the midst of February ice. The bare trees and grey skies lent an unexpected beauty to our Pennsylvania landscape. I wanted to capture the essence of mid-winter's shadows and ice. I selected a palette of silvery greys, soft blacks, snowy whites, and icy teals and began improvisational piecing. I made a couple of trees and other filler strips. Life intruded, as it often does, and my February ice quilt was left hanging, quite literally, on my design wall until today.

When I returned to my studio today I was unsure what to do. The icy inspiration that motivated me had melted away. My thoughts are turning away from snow and ice and towards the spring greens of new growth. But my personal resolution to reduce the numbers of UFOs I create was on my mind.

So I returned to my palette of February fabrics: I added and adjusted and created and deleted until I created a composition that reminded me of my inspiration. During my month of not sewing, I had forgotten how much fun it can be. It's smaller than I had intended (merely 9" x 18") but it is finished.

And now, unburdened by winter's chill, I can freely cast my mind to the apple greens and celadons
of Spring.

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LaughingLG said...

I really like your design on this quilt, and I love the response you gave on quiltart about the "patterns for art quilts" discussion. Thank you.