11 August 2008

Once a Month

Yesterday concluded my fourth week of the Early Morning Club. To me, four weeks equals a month, even if it is a few days short. They say it takes 30 days to form a habit and I believe I've done so. Each morning upon awaking I head downstairs to my studio--there is no question about whether I want to do it or not, I just do. These four weeks have taught me a lot about myself, about creative play and creative work, and about commitment.

But I'm feeling that I still need to go deeper. Making a small piece each day is rewarding and educational, but to some extent it feels like a one-shot. Although there are certain themes that repeat, I approach each piece as brand new. Each day gets 30 minutes, give or take, before I stitch it down and call it finished. I don't always have the time to resolve lingering questions about the design or issues with the composition. Each piece really functions as a sketch, rather than a full-blown work in it's own right.

So I've decided that every four weeks I'll choose one piece as the inspiration of a larger, more involved work. This will give me the opportunity to delve more deeply the subject and work more thoughtfully, rather than instinctively, which is all I have time for with my morning pieces.

I don't want to put a lot of restrictions on myself. The only rule is that I need to finish the piece before the next four weeks are up. I'll try to keep the size manageable for a four week period, probably no larger than 18" x 24". The layout can be vertical or horizontal. Any techniques may be used. The final piece doesn't even have to resemble the inspiration--it just needs to be inspired from it.

The piece I've chosen is one I'm excited about because it's an idea I've been considering for some time.

I love walking through cities and watching the changing skyline. I take lots of photographs for future reference. Here's a photo from last year's trip to Liverpool, England that has always been asking to be made into a quilt. Maybe now it will.

So, my challenge is to make a piece inspired by the fabric cityscape above and finish it by Sunday, September 7th.

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