03 April 2008

Notes to Myself

Max the Cat woke me at 5:00 AM, as he so often does. I sent him downstairs with his food bowl and returned to bed, fully intending to sleep for another hour or so. (I was up well past bedtime last night. Liverpool played yesterday, so I wanted to watch the game after a long day of work and teaching.) But, for whatever reason, instead of falling back to sleep, thoughts about quilts and classes and UFOs started drifting through my head.

I started a notebook the other day to track of "Notes to Myself." Little reminders of quilt and class ideas, book titles, blog article possibilities, and so on--those little thoughts I have throughout the day. The idea is to keep the notebook with me, so I can record the thoughts when I have them.

So now would be the time to grab my notebook and jot them down. But, I had left it jammed in a bag of quilts in my studio. So I rested in bed for another 15 minutes, decided it was hopeless, and got up. My house is chilly, so rather than run downstairs and find my notebook, I decided to curl up with my rag quilt on the recliner and record my ideas on my blog.

  • Screenprinting. Look into screenprinting on fabric to decide whether to take the class at Pro-Chem in Fall River, MA in August
  • Hand quilting. Learn how to hand quilt using my thumb. Ask on Quilt Art mailing list for book/video references.
  • Silk Dupioni. Ask on Quilt Art for guidance on working with Silk Dupioni. Look through Cynthia's silks to see if she has anything to expand my palette.
  • Drawing. Clear off drawing table in studio. Get light. Begin working through "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" in the morning. Ask Jen for any other drawing references.
  • UFOs. Make list of all UFOs and current status. Prioritize. Determine which ones I want to finish during the UFO rush, which I can finish over time, and which ones I can discard as unfinished.
  • Patterns. Make list of all patterns and current status. Prioritize.
  • Machine quilting designs. Start binder collection of FMQ designs.
Ah. That feels better. Perhaps I do have time to return to bed for a few more Zzzzzs after all.


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