29 December 2007

A Return...

I started this blog with the best of intentions, and then life happened. Well, really work happened, but in any case, hard deadlines for two major projects consumed all my creative energy (and then some) for the past two months. But through it all, I kept dreaming of the post-Christmas period when I could relax, regroup, and return to my creative process.

I never finished (heck, I never even really started) my journal quilt from November. But that was a conscious decision on my part. My life was so busy that I could only devote an afternoon to it. I did not want to rush through the process and compromise my vision. Now that my life has calmed down considerably, I am ready to return.

My focus for 2008 is three-fold.

  • Increase my understanding and use of basic design principles through reading and online classes.
  • Begin fresh with my Journal Quilts.
  • Finish one old project per month.
With this I have a good balance: I'll clean up old projects, improve my understanding of design principles, and then get the chance to apply them in a series of small Journal Quilts. I will look to assess and refine this focus as the year progresses.

I am excited to get back to work, so to speak.

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